Friday, June 11, 2010

Vending Machines (Japan)

In JAPAN ...
There is no need for the supermarkets!!
Japan is another world. Everything is available in vending machines everywhere..

Above : Newspapers

Above : Many supermarkets have machines that dispense dry ice to help keep your frozen goods cool until you get home

Above : Vending machines that sells kerosene can be found all around Japan. Many of the home heating system is with kerosene space heaters. One brings their own jugs and fills them here. The rate (pics taken) was 756 yen for 18 litres.

Above : Batteries

Above : Ice cream

Above : Reverse Vending - Recycling machine. Put your can in and you get your money back

Above : Films and disposable cameras

Above : Fried food (hot dogs, fries..)

Above : Flowers

Above : Toilet Paper

Above : Kids' toys

Above : Fishing line, baits, fish hooks

Above : Even their coke machine are a lot better

Above : Rice cleaner

Above : Rice

Above : Popcorn

Above : Noodles/Ramen

Above : Business Cards

Above : Umbrellas

Above : Eggs

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