Monday, June 21, 2010

Spelling Error

Should be : 2nd Floor

Translation : Your Beverage Price. Every drink. Canned, bottled, tea, coffee, Nescafe, iced, sweet, unsweetened, big, small, delicious, not delicious RM1.80 except illegal drinks (alcohol) RM7.00.

I say : That 's about covered it all hehe

Translation : mautan:maut means death; pantang could mean taboo

Should be : Awas, Muatan Panjang (Long Load)

Should be : Anda hanya hidup sekali sahaja, jadi berhati-hatilah (We only live once, so be careful)

I say : This could be written by a Non-Malaysian haha

Should be : Kempen Derma Darah (Blood Donation Campaign)

It's written : Kempen Derma Dadah (Drug Donation Campaign)

Should be : Honda

Translation : Tranny massage (Mak Nyah in Malay is a tranny. Maybe it's the woman's name, but co-incidently, it has got a double meaning. haha)

Should be : mengandungi babi (contains pork)

It's written : mengandung babi (pregnant with pig)

If I'm not mistaken, pijat is a bug. Hm, I think it should have been tukang picit (massager)

Translation : Entry by door.

I say : Duh! Any other entry besides the door? Window entry maybe ?;p

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