Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unique University Dorm

Tietgenkollegiet or The Tietgen  Residence Hall in Denmark   is the coolest dormitory that you can imagine. The circular building has a  very modern-looking yet well-thought design perfect both for studying and  leisure.

The dormitory has 360 spacious rooms shaped as a pie  slices. Their wide end facing the outer side of the building has either a big  balcony or a French window. Each room has a toilet and a shower with a heated  floor.

There are comfy lounges and big  kitchens shared by every 12 apartments. Tietgenkollet has a bike park, a  large hall, movable bars for parties, quiet rooms for reading and studying  and two music rooms with a piano and a drum set.

Note : I own none of these pictures.  Credits to where it is due :

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