Sunday, November 1, 2009

My own Pictoral Blog

From now on, this blog no longer will be a blog that posts pictures by other people, but will be my own personal collection of pictures.

Sometimes, I might post pictures by other people, but it will now focus on my own pictures.  By my pictures, I don’t  necessarily mean pictures of me or anything that represent me.  But pictures taken by me.  You might not understand my pictures.  And I wouldn’t promise that I do too.  So, don’t ask me anything about it, for I might not know the answer.


Enough talking.

Here’s some pictures taken today.


When you get lost in the dark…look for the light…


Follow it…… might find the way out…


Shadows aside, don’t let anything distracts you…


Beware of warning signs…don’t get fooled by beautiful temptation…..

….Have Faith, and you’ll find your way to safe land…

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